GEPT Online Tests

1. Our merchandise has gone out of stock. We should check our ______________.
A. antique B. inventory C. security D. transportation
2.The company will conduct a __________ training program to all employees as a part of its new organizational reform project.
A. apprehensive B. comprehensive C. recessive D. contradictory
3. The shining new car,__________just sold to a millionaire yesterday, broke down on the Chung-Shan highway this afternoon.
A. that is B. that was C. which had been D. which was
4. After receiving so much help from her friends, she expressed her deepest __________
A. appreciate B. depreciate C. appreciation D. integration.
5.A group of stray dogs __________ around the neighborhood area during the past few days.
A. are appearing B. have been appearing C. has been appearing D. has been appeared

Hsia Ke Lo National Hiking Trail kicked (6)______ on Monday, Feb. 24 at Hsiuluan village, Hsinchu county. The historic hiking trail is about 24 kilometers long and ranges (7)______ 1295 to 2050 meters above sea level. An opening ceremony was presided over by Taiwan Forestry Bureau director, who said the trail was originally (8)______ Taiwan's (9)______ people. The Taiwan Forestry Bureau spent more than two years investigating the trail's culture, history, resources and ecology. The bureau will repair another four historic hiking trails in the next couple of years, (10)______ Neng Kao National Hiking Trail, Chia Ming Lake National Hiking Trail, Chin Shui Ying Historic Trail and Hsiao Hsueh Shan Nature Trail.
6. A.on B.out
7. A.over> B.from C.of D.down
8. A.built by B.built in C.building in D.being built
9. A.origion B.aboriginal C.original D.origination
10. A.include B.inclusive C.including D.inclusion

A team of former Xerox Corp. engineers received a national engineering prize Tuesday for work in creating the first personal computers in the early 1970s. The four engineers worked for Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center in California three decades ago, where they formed the core of a group of scientists and researchers in creating early personal computers. Their project included features like the Ethernet, the laser printer and the overlapping "window-based" graphical user interface, all in 1973."We wanted to make the computer an indispensable part of everything that people do with information," said Lampson, one of the four engineers. The academy, part of the National Academies, created by Congress as a science and technology advisory organization, also awarded the $500,000 Bernard M. Gordon Prize to Frank S. Barnes for his work in establishing the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program at the University of Colorado 30 years ago. His program combined technical, business, economic and policy training in college engineering courses. "I believe that our program has made many successful careers possible," said Barnes, a professor at the university. "Hundreds of graduates from this program have gone on to do important things." The Gordon prize was created in 2001 as a biennial award recognizing achievements in engineering education.
11. What is the main idea of this passage?
A.the work done by Xerox
B.the life of some renowned engineers
C.the award of an engineering prize
D.the history of computer industry
12.What major contribution have these former Xerox engineers made?
A.creating first personal computers
B.designing commercial computers
C.making monitors
D.creating fast and cheap computers
13.What feature is NOT mentioned for the award-winning project conducted in Xerox?
B.laser printer
D.graphical interface
14.In which of the following fields did Frank S. Barnes make contribution?
A.diciplines B.telecommunications C.transportations
15.When was the Gordon prize created?
A.30 years ago. early 1970's 2001 D.3 decades ago

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